Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Treasury Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, so time for another treasury creation on Etsy.  For those of you not familiar with treasuries on Etsy, I will catch you up a little.  Basically, a treasury is a collection of items that fit into a certain theme.

For instance, if I made a treasury called "Pretty in Pink" it might include items that a person could wear and/or use (sweater, scarf, hat, earrings, boots, purse) if they wanted to get dressed up looking nice utilizing the color pink. 

Treasuries are meant to promote other Etsy shops, not your own, and should only include one item from each shop.  Each treasury has 16 available spaces to fill.  There is no charge to create a treasury.  However, when creating a treasury and promoting it such places as Facebook and Twitter, each "featured" shop owner receives a little bit of promotion they might not have otherwise had.  Ergo, they may choose to return the favor by including you in a treasury sometime down the road.  Along this road of friendly promotion, your Etsy shop has the opportunity to reach a bigger audience.  It has been said that you cannot put a price on word of mouth advertising.  It also makes people feel really good to be included!

Today, my Tuesday treasury topic is ornaments.  The kind you adorn your Christmas tree with.  This treasury is kind of ironic since I have at least two dozen ornaments waiting for their own photo shoot on my desk right now...  Anyway, this treasury can be found HERE
The title is Rainbow of Ornaments.  I displayed the treasury in the colors of the rainbow:  purple / blue / green / yellow / orange / redIt's much more effective when you are actually looking at the treasury page, so go check it out!


I hope you enjoy it!

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