Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giveaway Week on Everything Etsy

Yesterday I was out of the office.  I spent the day with my husband at the V.A. Clinic while he continued the process of having his shoulder evaluated and treated.  It was a nice, crisp, sunny fall day.  At least it looked like a nice day from the 2nd floor window in the Orthopedics Department.  First nurse of the day, "Welcome!  We are experiencing about an hour long delay in our schedule today.  I apologize.  Please have a seat." 

On a positive note, there's nothing like being in a building full of veterans to make a girl feel a little young ;).  On a not-so-positive note, my hubby's shoulder injury happened nearly 11 months ago.  He got back home 9 months ago.  He just saw the Orthopedic specialist yesterday.  Big sigh . . .  I'm not going to comment on the rate of speed at which soldiers returning from combat shuffle through the V.A. system.  Nor will I speak of the amount of paperwork attached to an injury sustained in a foreign country by a soldier during wartime.  Let's just say this:  You know how long that form is to get your driver's license renewed when none of the information actually changes and the line you have to wait in just so they can tell you that your new (same as the old) license will arrive in the mail in 6-8 weeks?  Yeah . . . Count your blessings people.

Ergo, Monday was not a good day to be out of the office.  Especially when that Monday was the kick-off of Giveaway Week at Everything Etsy.  So today, I will do my best to catch you all up to date.

Here's the scoop on Giveaway Week over at Everything Etsy:

The first giveaway was posted Monday.  It was HUGE!

Starting Tuesday (today), Everything Etsy will be posting 3 giveaways a day all week long!

All giveaways will be open to entries until Sunday 11/7 at 10pm Eastern Time.

The following apply to all giveaways:

1.  Entries are counted by comment numbers, so you must leave a comment for each form of entry.

2.  All giveaways have the same ways to enter (up to 10 per giveaway!):
  • Visit the Sponsor’s site and leave a comment telling us your favorite item on their site
  • Follow the Sponsor on Facebook (if applicable, see link in post)
  • Follow the Sponsor on Twitter (if applicable, see link in post)
  • Follow Everything Etsy on Twitter
  • Like Everything Etsy on Facebook
  • Subscribe to Everything Etsy
  • Tweet about the particular giveaway
  • Post to your Facebook about the giveaway
  • Post to your blog about the giveaway
  • Put the “Giveaway Week” button on your blog

3.  Winners will be selected by random number generator and posted on Everything Etsy.

Just to illustrate how fantastic this week is, Monday's giveaway was from Red River PaperNot only were they giving away several $100 gift certificates for their gorgeous linen papers, note cards (and more), they were giving away the printers themselves! TEN prize packages in all!!  Check it out here:


Here's the great part in case you missed it in the rules above: 

All giveaways will be open to entries until Sunday 11/7 at 10pm Eastern Time.

So...... There's still time for you to enter for this giveaway!  Whoo-Hoo!!!  Good luck everyone!


The OTHER great part about Giveaway Week on Everything Etsy is this: 

Wild Apple Design is participating too!

That's right, it's true!!  At some point during Giveaway Week, you'll have the chance to win one of the items from my Etsy shop.  How exciting is that?  Just in time for the holiday shopping season.  No leaving the comfort of your own home, no fighting traffic, no mall parking lots, no frenzied shoppers, no hassle!!  Sounds like a great way to do ALL of your holiday shopping if you ask me...

I'm going to guess some of you might like to know WHAT you have the chance of winning from Wild Apple Design during this fabulous Giveaway Week? 

 You have the chance to win this Coke Classic Bottle Cap Bead necklace (value $35 USD)!  Here's the kicker: The only way you can win is through Everything Etsy's Giveaway Week, so as soon as the giveaway is posted, head on over there and sign up as many times as possible (hint: a lot!).

I will be posting updates on Everything Etsy's Giveaway Week here too.  So while you're here, become an email subscriber to this blog and you won't miss a thing!  Good luck to all!


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