Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black November Sale - Starts at Midnight!

Whew - It's been busy around here!

Getting ready for the holiday season is no small task when you have your own shop, online or otherwise.  One of my favorite parts of holiday shopping is Black Friday.  (I heard a loud collective MOAN!!)  I completely understand how many people would not want to take ANY part in getting up at the crack of dawn, standing in a line full of other frantic people, braving frigid temperatures (in Minnesota the 4:00am forecast on Friday morning looks to be about 10 degrees above zero), fighting said frantic people for some amazingly crazy price on an item (usually an electronic something-or-other), then waiting in the checkout line for another inordinate amount of time.  Yeah, I think I just talked myself out of it.   

Ha ha!  NOT!!  I actually have a different slant on the whole Black Friday shopping deal.  You see, I take great pride in my ability to hunt down bargains.  I have honed these skills over many, many years.  Much like a search and destroy mission, you might say I am a master of this craft.  Keeping that in mind, ultimately the best sale price is not even my target on Black Friday.  The reason I most enjoy shopping on Black Friday is not the why, what, where or when - it's the WHO.  My husband loves to go shopping on Black Friday!  Say what?!?  That's right, it's true!  The first year we were together and Black Friday rolled around, I found myself sitting in front of Wal-Mart with him at 4:45a.m!  Sure, we weren't the first ones in the door, but we were all bundled up with our respective coffee and cocoa, and raring to go!  Last year when he was in Iraq, I didn't even go out shopping on Black Friday at all.  I was completely bummed out.  

This year I am uber-excited because my 14-year-old son has inherited the bargain-hunting search-and-destroy gene.  He comes along when there are craft shows, art fairs, he can find the best sale price on the block.  He can even read a garage sale from the street as we're driving by!  "Keep going Mom, that one only has baby stuff." or "Just a bunch of old people cleaning out their attic there."  What a joy!  He is looking forward to Black Friday shopping this year.  I am too =)

So of course, what better way to celebrate Black Friday than to offer YOU a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal?  Then I figured - HEY!  In case you are out shopping in stores (blasphemy - BUY HANDMADE!!) on Black Friday, I will get this party started a little sooner. 

So, starting tonight at midnight all the way through the end of the month, you can enjoy my Black November Sale.  What's on sale, you ask?  THE WHOLE SHOP!!  The entire Wild Apple Design shop will be 20% off.  There is no limit on the items you can save on.  Not to mention, I will be adding NEW ITEMS to the shop all the way through the end of the month!  Whoo-Hoo!!

Here is the link for the sale, but remember it doesn't start until midnight:  http://www.etsyonsale.com/shop/WildAppleDesign

Ok people, do what you should be doing anyway... SHOP HANDMADE!!  The recipients of your gifts will be much happier than if they got some chain store gift, you will be able to choose a personalized gift that you know was made with an artisan's two hands versus some big machine, 99% of the time your gift can be customized or personalized for that someone special and you'll have a much better overall shopping experience.  And yes, it's addicting - please get used to it! =)

Here's a little something to get you started...
Snowflake bottlecap ornaments.  You can put them on your tree, stuff them into someone's stocking, use them instead of a name sticker on a gift, the possibilities are endless!!  Check them out right here...


Go straight to the Etsy shop and check the ornaments out HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping Everyone!

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  1. Hello! I came here via the connection on Etsypreneur and looked through your etsy shop, too. Love the bottlecap designs. I'm not sure how to navigate through the etsypreneur site, but I hope it turns out to be a great place to figure out this wide world of online business! -- michele