Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Fever - Part 2

In case you're reading from some part of the country other than The Great White North, let me offer you some clue about the weather in Minnesota... It's cold.  I don't just mean it's cold in the winter.  It's often cold during Spring and Fall and occasionally on some random July day just to make sure all Minnesotans are appreciating their summers.

Taking that into account, it's probably not a shock that at the end of April, no one around here is laying out in a swimsuit soaking up the rays de soleil.  HA!!  As a matter of fact, since the showers from this month are supposed to be bringing the flowers for next month, I am personally expecting a bumper crop.  Our weather today, for example, is joyous.

Mid-afternoon we have 41 glorious degrees with a high temperature expected of . . . oh.  This is the high.  YIPPEE!!!  Drizzle.  Well, I'm sure drizzle is nice depending on who you are....  And 82% humidity.  Yep, that's pretty wet.  I suppose that's what accounts for the drizzle falling from the sky.  Too bad some of that humidity can't take a hike in July.  But hey - check out Friday - 64 and mostly sunny!  If you're a weather optimist (trust me, if you live in Minnesota, you have no other option), you will actually see people in swimming suits, laying on towels or lounge chairs doing whatever they can to soak in that Vitamin D come Friday.  Actually, the whole weekend looks pretty good.  I will fully expect to see people jamming the lakes.  AHEM.... I wonder if my husband is reading this?  He was in the driveway with the Shop-Vac in the boat last night.  Something tells me "preparing to sell it" was the last thing on his mind...

With the long winters and sllloooooowwwww transitions into warmer weather, people tend to get a little stir crazy around these parts of the country.  Now, you can do two things with all that pent up frustration.  You can let your boredom and frustration turn you to a life of recklessness and crime (oh yeah, we've got plenty of places to keep those folks too) OR you can use the brain the Good Lord gave you and GET CREATIVE!!

As you saw in the first installment of my Spring Fever post, I am waiting for the FLOWERS!!  In the meantime, I am doing what I can to surround myself with my own blossoms and blooms.  My tulips outside have actually started coming out of the ground, but green is still just green.  HOWEVER - I do like green.  In an effort to do my part to keep the planet green (did you like that segue?), I added an "UPCYCLED" category to my Etsy shop.  I have added six necklaces made from recycled, repurposed, reused - whatever terminology you like to use - aluminum cans.  They weigh absolutely nothing and can be made from any soda, tea, fruit juice or beer can that has been kept in mint condition.  Here's a sneak peek:


To get to the UPCYCLED section of my Etsy Shop, CLICK HERE.

I also have added some lucite flower earrings to my shop this week, PERFECT gifts for Mother's Day.  More of those will be added to the shop soon as well, so stay tuned! Here's a look-see at some of those:


These floral earrings can be found in the EARRING section of my Etsy Shop, or by clicking HERE.

I will leave my eyes focused towards the REAL flowers blooming, while at the same time staying busy making all of these fun flowers for you.  As always, if you see something that you would like to customize, all you have to do is ask.  I absolutely LOVE making items that are exactly what you have been looking for.


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