Monday, February 7, 2011

Conversation Hearts

Valentine's Day is in a week.  One short week.  Could there be a better gift for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day than a reminder of how much you love them?

Actually, yes.

This Valentine's Day you could get that special loved person in your life a handmade reminder of how much you love them.  Quite an idea huh?  (As Gru in Despicable Me would say, "Lightbulb.")

Right now in my Etsy shop you can find several handmade Valentine's Day gifts for your sweetie.  All Valentine's Day items have free shipping to U.S. addresses through February 14.  This includes the two-piece bottle cap sets, available in YOUR CHOICE of magnets or pins.  Great idea for couples, keep one and give one to your honey.  If you don't have someone you feel like sharing with - keep them both! 

The Valentine's Day items can be found in the HOLIDAY SECTION of my Etsy shop by clicking right HEREYou will find these items among the bottle cap sets included in the free shipping offer:

Also included in the free shipping offer - because of their heart shape - are the Enameled Recycled Coca-Cola Heart Earrings .  These earrings are made from Coca-Cola soda cans, covered in clear enamel and weigh NOTHING!  Very comfy to wear.  As you can see from the pictures, each pair is unique.  Each earring comes from a different part of the soda can and is completely different. Maybe you would like more red on your pair of earrings? Or some of the script Coca Cola lettering? Or perhaps some of the ingredient listing? If you have a preference, you can specify that during your order process.  If you have no preference, a well-matched pair will be chosen for you.

I hope you all take advantage of the free shipping while it's available!

Blessings for a wonderful week.

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