Friday, March 9, 2012

Born in a Barn + Giveaway!

For those of you who haven't heard, I launched a new website called Red Barn Photography about a month ago.  I'd love nothing more than for you to check it out, browse around and give me your thoughts.  Here's a bit of background on my new venture...

Because my father has a passion for photography, it would be fair to say I grew up in front of the camera lens. Case in point:

Yes, that's me. Notice my facial expression. I was five years old, but remember this day of torture much like I'm sure Ralphie remembers having to wear the Deluxe Pink Bunny Suit from Aunt Clara.  You can also see the shadow of my dad, happily clicking the shutter of his camera.  Nothing digital back in 1974, and my dad has always had a darkroom of his own.  Bottles of chemicals, developer trays, tongs, squeegees - even the red light outside the door.  There were occasions my father would let me stand inside the darkroom with him while he was developing film.  I wasn't allowed to touch anything, and obviously could not open the door, but it sure felt cool being part of "the process."  Perhaps this was where the bug to be behind the camera began.  {My love for photography definitely didn't stem from standing in the backyard on a hot summer St. Louis day where all the neighbor kids could see me!}

Fast forward to a couple of years ago.... I got my first "real" camera.  Kudos to my husband who truly understands 98% of my passions, even when I only talk about them once or twice.  True, he also listened to me grumble about having to take crappy pictures for my Etsy shops with the lame point-and-shoot Kodak we had.  {That only lasted for a couple of years!}  So when my hubby took the Kodak to drill one weekend, put the camera in the uniform pocket of his pants, leaned up against the ball hitch of a Humvee and cracked the screen, we decided it was time for a real camera. Welcome, Canon EOS Rebel!  In recent months I have actually worked my way up a bit to a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and the acquisition of a zoom lens was the icing on the cake.   

Here's where the new website comes into play.  Red Barn Photography gets it's roots from my passion for photography, as well as the good old-fashioned values our family works hard to instill on our children.  It's not always easy in this day and age where entitlement, easy and "whatever" are core values we frequently see parents teaching their children.  Hard work, respect, responsibility and dedication are woven into the fabric of Red Barn photographs, as well as my Etsy shops Wild Apple Design and Quote Chick.

To give you all an incredible deal to start your experience with Red Barn Photogrpahy, I'm offering an amazing 50% off deal in conjunction with GoSocial and Wishpond.  This deal will go live at 8:00am {Central Time} on Saturday, March 10th.

$25 for $50 worth of Premium Photographic Prints at Red Barn Photography

  • Select $50 worth of Premium Photographic images included in the Red Barn Photography catalog. 
  • Selections can include any combination of print sizes from all 16 catalog images. 
  • Sizes include:  4x6  5x7  8x10  11x14  16x20  {Larger sizes available upon request}
{When this deal goes live, it will appear here, on the Red Barn Photography website and Facebook page}


One lucky winner will receive this 11x14 Premium Photographic Print {$44 value) absolutely FREE:

Here’s how to enter…
  • Visit Red Barn Photography and leave me a comment including your favorite photo. {1 entry}
  • Spread the word of this fun giveaway by Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or blog post. {1 entry each}
  • Follow Red Barn Photography on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with specials. {1 entry each}
  • Follow Wild Apple Design on Twitter or Facebook to stay current with my first Etsy shop. {1 entry each}
  • Follow Quote Chick on Twitter or Facebook to complete your following frenzy. (1 entry each} 
This fabulous giveaway ends March 17th at 11:59pm, so spread the word and get all of your entries in now.  Make sure that you leave a separate comment for each entry in order to be counted.
Best of luck!

~ Jenn

Red Barn Photography uses Kodak Professional Endura Paper with a lustre finish.

© All photos are original works of Red Barn Photography and therefore considered copywritten property of same.  Utilization, duplication, sharing or selling without written permission of Red Barn Photography is expressly forbidden.

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