Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Treasury


The theme for this week's Tuesday Treasury is "You Are My Sunshine."

I decided to choose a sunny theme this week for a reason. Minnesota had it's fifth biggest blizzard of all time this past weekend. Outside my window, my sky is gray. The temperature outside is 9 degrees. Still, I remain optimistic. That is 9 degrees ABOVE ZERO!  YAY!!  I know, hold onto those measly 9 degrees. Spring is a L-O-N-G way off!

Nevertheless, my optimism is true. As I write this, my husband is working on his last two final tests for this semester. They are due today. So even though he (we) might be up until 11:59pm, tomorrow promises some relief from homework. I kid you not, he started whistling about two days ago in preparation for his freedom... Next semester starts sometime in January. We're not sure of the date yet. We're fine living in ignorance for a while. =D

So, to fit my (our) sunny disposition, please check out my Sunshine Treasury by clicking HERE.  Please leave your comments while you're there.  I would really appreciate it.  So would the featured artisans.  Who knows, I just might feature your work next week!

Link for the treasury: http://etsy.me/dIVV1q

New earrings:





Stay warm and drive safe!


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  1. Oh, I need some sunshine too! We got hit Sunday/Monday and we're waiting on a storm to blow through now. An ice storm :(

    I love the glass pendant necklace in your treasury.